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    Rules of this thread


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    Rules of this thread

    Post by Feldrane on Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:33 pm

    Discussion Rules

    Hello and welcome to the Discussion section of the forum. Along with the General Rules that you can find here Rules! This section has its own additional rules.

    The debate section is for intelligent discussions over usually a serious topic. The replies are generally at least a paragraph in length if not longer, and the posts are to share facts and and your for you beliefs.

    keep in mind while participating in Debates are as follows:

    No Double Threads.
    If this topic has already been made and discussed before your thread will be deleted. You should use the Search Feature~ its your friends.

    .Don't make it personal
    Its easy to start an argument in this tread please dont make topic stress u out
    .Do not insult people
    everyone is entitled to there opinion in this tread so please dont insult them if they are talking outer crap

    Making a post
    You absolutely must contribute to the thread you are posting in. As I stated earlier, your posts should not be two sentences, or two words. They should be well thought out and intelligent.

    Have fun in the discussion thread

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