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    & problems


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    & problems

    Post by Feldrane on Wed Oct 08, 2014 1:09 pm

    i know im head coder of Magic but im not the only one coding so i will also report things for other coders to fix or form me to remember to fix.

    • Sent messages needs a new field (called new messages)
    • The layout the message box still has layout 1 in it 
    • The inbox page need fixing 
    • The training 12 is the only on that works and too much stats not balance it should be 1000 in each not 10000
    • staff page account link to the hod account y
    • caption code not working its disable plz remove it Jamaica doesn't soport it i can login sometimes.
    • Staff panel the mod&admin panel need fixing layout 1 is in layout default still 
    • Profile page not liked to the database plz get this done 
    • shop page need to be upgraded with the new list of items 

     when this is fixed plz send me a message i will be out until the 25 of October 2014

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